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Total Care offers indoor boat storage, winterizing and detailing services as well as boat pick up and delivery service.

Our centrally located, secured indoor facility right in the heart of Invermere saves you time and provides peace of mind that your watercraft is protected from the elements during harsh Canadian winters.

Our secure indoor facility

Total Convenience

Why haul your watercraft between home and the cabin during the off-season when you can store it minutes from the lake? Total Care’s storage facility is located five minutes from the Invermere boat launch, saving you both time and money.

Protect your investment

Today’s tournament boats can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Why compromise by leaving it exposed to the elements in an outdoor lot? Total Care’s indoor facility keeps your watercraft clean, safe and protected.

High Security Building

When your boat is stored with Total Care, you can be assured that it is in the highest security environment available.  Outdoor storage is very susceptible to theft and boat theft from outdoor storage lots and residence driveways continues to be an issue in the valley. Our building protects your boat with multiple layers of security not available anywhere else:

  • 6′ Perimeter barbed wire fencing and locked gates
  • Outdoor motion sensor lighting
  • Outdoor perimeter and indoor high definition night vision security cameras
  • Monitored alarm system with motion sensors and door contact sensors
  • Sound sensors within building
  • 24 hour alarm response security guard
  • Outdoor and indoor alarm sirens
  • Garage door-blocking obstacles so boats cannot be removed from building


Boats stored outside need to be wrapped in plastic to shield them from the elements. That leads to excess waste. Total Care’s indoor facility is an eco-friendly alternative to protecting your watercraft while minimizing your environmental footprint.

Total Care makes boating uncomplicated by offering a turn-key solution so you can get on the water quicker. We pick up your boat in the fall, winterize and store it. In the spring, we detail and deliver it straight back to you. Imagine arriving for the weekend and be cruising across the water minutes later?

Enjoy the convenience

Avoid the hassle of towing, winterizing and detailing your boat. Our semi-annual pick-up, seasonal servicing and detailing packages can get you out on the water quicker in the spring and into storage sooner in the fall.

Competitive pricing

Our indoor storage rates are competitive when compared with the cost of wrapping your boat in plastic, storing it outdoors and hauling it back and forth – not to mention the additional wear and tear on your vehicle. In addition, Total Care’s full suite of services that includes pick up, drop off, seasonal service and detailing means you’re not having to hire multiple providers for different services.

Total Care transports your boat to and from our storage facility

Don’t wait until the end of this year’s boating season to reserve your space. Total Care’s covered facility is limited to just 80 spots, which will fill up quick. Reserve your spot today.

Indoor storage

Indoor storage

Pickup and drop off

Pickup and drop off


Seasonal services



Total Care storage facility

Our Facility

Our new structure is the perfect winter home for your expensive boat. Total Care’s building is designed to store expensive equipment during harsh Canadian winters. Specifically engineered for the Columbia Valley’s snow load, your boat will be out of the elements, will not experience repeated snow storms, wind, dust, rain or direct sunlight. All these things are harmful to your boat’s paint and gel coat. Direct sun exposure also fades the paint on your trailer and, over time, damages the tires and reduces their life expectancy.

Shrink wrapping a boat can trap moisture inside, which can be devastating to the interior. Our indoor facility is dry, dust free and out of the direct sunlight. Who doesn’t love a boat that always looks brand new? You only use your boat up to four months of the year. Don’t leave it outside for the other eight months. Store it indoors with Total Care and extend the life and beauty of your expensive boat.

Gold Package

  • 8 months indoor storage
  • Full Service Winterize
  • Spring Start Up Service
  • Pick Up and Delivery *
  • Battery Tender


($368.75 per month)

Silver Package

  • 8 months indoor storage
  • Full Service Winterize
  • Spring Start Up Service
  • Battery Tender


($343.75 per month)

Bronze Package

  • 8 months indoor storage
  • Full Service Winterize
  • Spring Start Up Service


($325 per month)

Storage Only

  • 8 months indoor storage


($231.25 per month)

A la Carte

8 months boat storage
(up to 25 feet)
Full Service Winterize$550
Sprint Start Up Service$200
Synthetic Oil up charge$50
Synthetic V Drive Oil up charge$30
Full Interior/Exterior Boat Detail$500 to $600
Sea Doo or Jet Boat Winterize
(per jet)
Pick-up and Return$200
Exterior Acid Wash$150
Battery Tender Service
(per battery)

Additional Charges for boosting dead batteries, repairing seized pumps etc. required to properly winterize boat will be billed at $120/hour.

Full Service Winterization for Tournament Ski and Wakeboard Boats
  • Change engine oil and filter
  • Add fuel treatment and conditioner
  • Fog engine
  • Completely drain engine block, manifolds, transmission cooler, water pump, ballast, heater and shower, and any other necessary components. Run engine, while feeding 25 L of antifreeze into cooling system
  • Winterize Ballast bags, tanks and pumps

Our boat detailing service includes an interior vacuum, vinyl seat and surface conditioning, windshield glass cleaning, all interior surfaces and dashboard detailing, and exterior cleaning including exterior power wash.**

Spring Start Up Service

Mechanic will remove anti-freeze, check, clean and reconnect battery, start and run boat to check proper functioning and ensure its ready for the water so you can avoid any surprises.

*Pick-up and delivery service is limited within the Columbia Valley between Radium and Columere Park to our facility in Invermere and back to original pick-up location.  Pick-up from other areas can be arranged and will be quoted based on distance to Invermere.

**If exterior is excessively stained or covered in algae, an acid wash will be required first in order to be able to properly clean and polish hull.

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