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Who We Are

Steve and Christine
Steve and Christine

Our story started like most. What began as few annual weekend trips to the Columbia Valley turned into a long-time love affair with the area, eventually leading us to owning a cabin on the banks of Lake Windermere.

That was more than 20 years ago. While a lot has changed in more than two decades, just as much has stayed the same.

Our family continues to cherish our time in the valley – whether that’s spending every sun kissed weekend water skiing and surfing on the lake or carving some fresh powder at Panoroma.

The Columbia Valley is where lasting memories have been created and where holidays have been celebrated. It’s provided the sanctuary for some much-needed respite as Steve built our Calgary business Evolution AV into the industry leader it is today. It’s been a chance for Christine to relax and reset after pushing her and her clients’ limits as a fitness instructor at The Glencoe Club in Calgary.

It’s been our fortress of solitude when we needed it the most.

The Columbia Valley has traditionally lacked an indoor boat storage facility, forcing boaters like us to either haul our crafts back home after every season or defer to a local outdoor lot.

So we got to thinking … what if there was a better way?

Total Care Cabin & Boat Services is our vision of helping boat and cabin owners like us. It’s founded on the simple idea of offering total convenience and reliability, whether that’s protecting your tournament boat or selecting contractors and making sure those home repairs are completed on time.

Our value-added services further ensure you get the most out of your time here in the Columbia Valley. Imagine arriving to Lake Windermere and your freshly detailed boat is already out of storage and tied to your slip? Or pulling into your driveway with the cabin lights on, walks shovelled and hot tub percolating at perfect temperature? Total convenience means no job is too small.

We are here to make your cabin and boating experiences even better.

Let’s chat! Email me at totalcaresteve@gmail.com.